In 1951, Bob Tidland designed what would become the first air shaft on a cocktail napkin in Camas, Washington. More than 60 years later, we strive to build products that are durable, designed for easy use and engineered for reliable, long-lasting operation. This experience has led to the development of the industry’s most effective winding and slitting systems.


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Knifeholders for Slitters网上电玩城24小时在线兑换

Tidland Knifeholders are precision cutting tools, designed to reduce downtime between runs and provide the perfect cut, every time. Choose from the Performance Series for pneumatic operation or...

There is no acceptable level of accidents, one is too many. That’s why we think about safety issues with every product we make. Innovations like our new blade guard provide extra protection and...

Top Knife Blades网上电玩城要求

Tidland is your best resource for replacement blades manufactured to the exact specifications to perform in Tidland Knifeholders.

Replacement blades are available for Shear, Crush and Razor...

Slitting Systems网上电玩城辅助

With an automated slitter, you get highly accurate, consistent operation with less downtime between runs. With less operator intervention, you've just increased safety. With more consistent...

From slitter shafts to blades to maintenance tools, the Tidland line of accessory products will help you to make your slitting system give you peak performance.
Bottom Knife Rings and...

When Tidland launched the state-of-the-art and award-winning ESP – Electronic Slitter Positioning System – companies quickly took advantage of the value of automated slitter positioning to both...


Ergonomic Shafts and Chucks开网上电玩城一年利润多少

Sometimes keeping a line operator happy means keeping his back happy. Which is just one reason why Tidland offers a complete line of lightweight air shafts. 

From the new Ultra-lightweight...

Standard Core Shafts电玩城网上娱乐

Rolls have gotten bigger and bigger. Speeds are getting faster and faster. We can help you keep up by pairing your application with an air shaft that best meets your goals. Every Tidland shaft is...

Differential Air Shafts网上777电玩城能玩吗

Tidland Differential Air Shafts are designed to deliver multiple roll tension equalization to slit rolls winding on the same shaft. Advanced features hold rolls straight and true, reduce roll...

Mill-Duty Shafts / Reel Spools网上电玩城输了一千多

These aren't just large-diameter shafts, Tidland mill-duty shafts are designed to excel in the 24-hour requirements of a mill, while making life easier for the operator.

Narrow Web Shafts网上电玩城注册

Narrow web shafts and chucks deliver quality and reliability to narrow web applications, such as label presses.

Core Chucks网上电玩城龙虎骗局

From proven standard designs to lightweight ergonomic versions like the Force5, Tidland Air Chucks are an economical and reliable way to hold large rolls. Raptor Series Shaftless Chucks provide...

Safety Chucks网上电玩城游戏开发公司

Tidland System Boschert Safety Chucks are designed as a pre-engineered solution for roll support and torque transfer. These affordable Safety Chucks are available in a wide range of sizes and...

Crushed Core Restorers网上的电玩城

Designed to re-open crushed cores, allowing for shaft insertion on rolls that would otherwise be considered scrap material.

Three models available to suit a variety of roll widths.

NimCor Shafts and Chucks are now part of the Maxcess family of products

NimCor Shafts and Chucks网上电玩城送分

Established in 1961, NimCor pioneered web handling solutions with innovative air shafts, air chucks and bowed rolls. Today, these NimCor products are used throughout the world by industry leaders...

Top quality, affordable tools that save you time and money throughout your day.

NEW Tidland Air System Fittings
Introducing Tidland’s new air system fittings for all internal bladder...

For intermittent braking and continuous tension

Tidland Air Brakes网上打鱼电玩城微信

Tidland’s Air Brakes deliver reliable continuous tension control for a wide variety of applications. These single rotor, high output brakes feature a unique convection design for dissipating heat...


2015 Tidland ESP Decoder Package Upgrade网上电玩城二楼哦不对

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